Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Isle of Whithorn

Is it that time again already? Not long at all since the last album's worth of recordings were posted up, and here Conny Plankton goes for it again. No specific theme this round, other than all recordings were originated and produced in August 2019. Lots of Devices, Connections, Software, Hardware, Field Recordings and General Madness to be found here. The Creative Juices have indeed been flowing most extremely!

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Return of the Volca

Conny Plankton strikes again, with a new series of recordings - this time based with using two pieces of kit that has not ben used for a while - namely the Volca Beats and Volca Sample by Korg, and using them to work alongside new devices, hardware, software and VSTs. Enjoy!

I Don't Remember too good but I think John Wayne was in it

Here is a video mix based on my favourite tracks by Vivian Stanshall and the Bonzo Dog Band: 11 Moustachioed Daughters was, even by Bonzo Standards, one of the strangest tracks they ever recorded. And people couldn't decide if it was some sort of Black Sabbath Parody, a tale of bad acid or a touch of the Delerium Tremens. Some reviewers even left it off their review of the album, as they couldn't fit it in any kind of pigeonhole.

Personally, I thought it was amazing - years later I discovered that Viv Stanshall had a short lived outing with a group, Big Grunt, and although nothing was officially released in their short time together, they did record one Peel Session and one live appearance on a TV show for Marty Feldman, called Marty Amok. Both of these were great sessions (the Peel session being especially solid), and both of them covered 11 Moustachioed Daughters.

In true Plankton style, all three have been absorbed in to the remix, and a few other bits beside.

There is no way any of this would be allowed out on Youtube, especially with its increasingly repressive views on copyright at the moment, so it is now accessible by a link to a file storage site. Enjoy folks!

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Howl in the Typewriter Video Remix by Conny Plankton

Howl in the Typewriter is a solo music project from the warped genius of Stan Batcow over in Blackpool. I have known Stan for something like thirty years. One of his tracks in particular, Close, was always a firm favourite, and one of the first releases from his label, Pumf! Records, that I ever bought.

While going through a series of you tube videos that Stan sent me, over at:

I found myself best by the Creative Muse and decided to make a video remix, based on Close. Images are a collage of happy childhood memories and disturbing scenes from Stan's own stomping ground of Blackpool. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Tales of Bad Acid

The original idea for Tales of Bad Acid, was to develop a long mix based on intensely edited samples. However, the lures of the Creative Muse soon fell upon the ruined Plankton Brain, and before long a series of four different  extended mixes, each one loosely based around a long core sample which was extensively edited and modulated and then mixed down with other choice audio goodness. All of these mixes are available on the Conny Plankton Mixcloud site (over at )as well as this here blog. So here we go:

Tales of Bad Acid One: Mozart and Fingernails
A long mix based on carious samples ranging from distorted and timestretched synth sequences, woven together with meticulously edited samples from TV crime series, radio shows and field recordings. The whole thing was mixed and assembled into a complex multi-layered mix to take your mind somewhere else entirely. The title and cover artwork is based on an oblique reference from the final sample.

Tales of Bad Acid Two: A Spoonful of...
A long mix based on songs and snippets from a film from my childhood - no clues here folks, other than you will probably recognise it if you look at the cover image long enough! Al of this audio then filtered and modulated in with masses of reverb and other weird and wonderful effects, and then mixed down with a series of drones and timestretched samples. A Mix to take you to places far beyond.

Tales of Bad Acid Three: Oddball Odd
The idea for this mix was to work with a series of decidedly different audio samples - being the entire "Never Mind the Testicles" album by those Nasty Gender Rifles types, mixed and modulated into its own backing track - pretty soon, however, the backing track being a live mix of eastern world music, gongs and flutes, coupled with my own modular electronics - took over, and all that was left of the Punk Types was a series timestretched drones woven into the mix. Still very intense stuff however!

Tales of Bad Acid Four: Never Mined
Working on the premise that any kind of audio source can be mixed and mutated into something else entirely, this one is based on the entire album from those awfully nice Punk Rock types, edited and modulated into a series of drones. This was then mixed into a strange - even for Conny Plankton - loop made from found ghostly voices picked up during a video found on YT of a flashlight display in a deserted gold mine in America. To top it off, extra samples of whispers and motion sickness inducing binaural beats were worked in to complete the mix. Altogether the mix evolved into something dark and uncomfortable, but compelling and beautiful.

Waiting for the Lamb

The Creative Juices are surely flowing from Conny Plankton at the moment. This time round, we have got a new audio track, based on a series of multilayered lopops , mixed into a video of images slected by the ruined Plankton Brain and guaranteed to sizzle what is left of your optic nerve!

Friday, 21 June 2019

Neutron the Second

Once is not enough!

After working through the recent series of recordings using the semi modular desktop synth, Neutron,  from Behringer, it soon become obvious that there was a lot more to explore: And so, a further series of recordings emerged using the Neutron - this time focussing on using various patching possibilities, including patching up to other modular devices, and even using the neutron to play itself.

So this is what it all sounds like...