Friday, 17 May 2019


A new series of recordings, this time based around the common theme of working with a Behringer Neutron - a wonderful piece of kit which allows just about anything with a Midi, CV, or VCA and VCF output to be fed through it and to be tweaked and modulated into Infinity. Lots of different devices involved in this one. Here we go!

Friday, 5 April 2019

I Am Me

A Conny Plankton Mega Mix here, loosely based around the core theme of the closing Mantra of "You Are I or I am Me" by the late lamented'n'demented Daevid Allen's Planet Gong;  looped and mixed into a series of previous Conny Plankton tracks; now stretched, chopped, mixed and generally transmogrified into taking you somewhere weirder and wonderfuller.

Friday, 29 March 2019


Another series of new recordings erupts from the weird maelstrom that is the ruined brain of Conny Plankton. This time round we got drones 'n' tones 'n' moans made through the latest toy to be inserted into the Plankton Arsenal - namely a Weird Sound Generator. Originally a full on drone machine, this is a version that has been customised,  modified and extended in its capabilities as made available from:

Of course, the WSG just became the base theme for these recordings, and growing contributions from all sorts of other weird and wonderful devices and VSTs soon entered into the fray. Enjoy!

Death's Door

Death's Door is a new collaborative project shared on the insane genius from 
Dave Johnston
Conny Plankton.

The idea was for each of the four people to send in tracks to be  remixed by the others in the collaboration. These tracks could be existing tracks, old archival snippets, leftovers or alternate take, or tracks specially made up for the occasion.

These tracks were then uploaded in to the Conny Plankton Bandcamp page as an album of recordings here:

The idea was then to have these tracks and various additional audio snippets therefrom to be remixed, mangled, modulated and mutilated by each of four Death's Door Members. There are Currently remixes made available from Dave Johnston, Prawnshocker and Conny Plankton.These remixes are also available on the Conny Plankton Bandcamp page, as a separate album of recordings here:

The mixes then formed part of a live streaming event available then and afterwards through youtube.

This youtube stream was supported by a new mind mangler of a video which is also put together by Conny Plankton. The results of the stream and video mix are available up on youtube from here:

Enjoy folks!

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Dune and Elsewhere

Here we go again folks: The first post of 2019 sees a new album's worth of recordings - this time based around use of the mighty VST synth, Dune. However, as the recordings developed and evolved, it wasn't long at all before lots of other sounds, samples and devices came along to join in the fun!


Thursday, 15 November 2018


It's that time again: another batch of releases from the ruined brain of Conny Plankton! This time round we got a whole bunch of recordings loosely collated together under the common theme of using the VST soft synth, Aethereal, to provide a series of drones, space noise, gliss effects and textures. It is a plug in well worth checking out - and free too - check out this here link!

And now, it's on with the show...

Friday, 5 October 2018

New Track from Dave Johnston!

Yes, a new track from Dave J - quite mellow and ambient in tis own way, but still manages to get to some of those darker parts of your head! Enjoy!