Thursday, 21 November 2019

November Calling

A new series of recordings, working with banks of edited samples and loops, triggered through Ableton Live with a Novation Launchpad to produce a series of live mixes. These were edited down and extra weirdness added to produce the wonder that is before you. Enjoy!

Monday, 28 October 2019

Enter the Sylenth

A new series of recordings - this time round, the loosely connecting theme is the use of the VST synth, Sylenth - but this was soon ably supported by numerous additional devices and banks upon banks of loops and samples!

Thursday, 17 October 2019

Conny Plankton on the Radio!

Hi folks:

Weirdest news of the moment is finding that there is a track by Conny Plankton is being played on BBC Radio 3 on October 18th as part of their Late Junction Show. Check it out here:

The track being played is Bulgaria, from the album Hive, which can be found here:

For those that missed the show, or would like a link for download, click on this link here:!Wyo0hCSB!Bf8rJvtgN_S4xxPJ2mgoKA

Many thanks to Prawnshocker for recording the show and editing everything down into individual tracks!

Check it out folks!

Friday, 4 October 2019


Here we go again, with a new album of sound arising from the ruined brain of Conny Plankton. You get mutant beats; drones and discord; harmony and the atonal; alien textures and soundscapes - and often in the same track! 

This time round, the loosely connecting theme is working with the mid generator and arpeggiator plug in, Obscuria from Sugar Bytes. However, as per usual, it wasn't long at all before lots of other VSTs, devices, samples, and general weirdness became involved as well.


Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Isle of Whithorn

Is it that time again already? Not long at all since the last album's worth of recordings were posted up, and here Conny Plankton goes for it again. No specific theme this round, other than all recordings were originated and produced in August 2019. Lots of Devices, Connections, Software, Hardware, Field Recordings and General Madness to be found here. The Creative Juices have indeed been flowing most extremely!

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Return of the Volca

Conny Plankton strikes again, with a new series of recordings - this time based with using two pieces of kit that has not ben used for a while - namely the Volca Beats and Volca Sample by Korg, and using them to work alongside new devices, hardware, software and VSTs. Enjoy!

I Don't Remember too good but I think John Wayne was in it

Here is a video mix based on my favourite tracks by Vivian Stanshall and the Bonzo Dog Band: 11 Moustachioed Daughters was, even by Bonzo Standards, one of the strangest tracks they ever recorded. And people couldn't decide if it was some sort of Black Sabbath Parody, a tale of bad acid or a touch of the Delerium Tremens. Some reviewers even left it off their review of the album, as they couldn't fit it in any kind of pigeonhole.

Personally, I thought it was amazing - years later I discovered that Viv Stanshall had a short lived outing with a group, Big Grunt, and although nothing was officially released in their short time together, they did record one Peel Session and one live appearance on a TV show for Marty Feldman, called Marty Amok. Both of these were great sessions (the Peel session being especially solid), and both of them covered 11 Moustachioed Daughters.

In true Plankton style, all three have been absorbed in to the remix, and a few other bits beside.

There is no way any of this would be allowed out on Youtube, especially with its increasingly repressive views on copyright at the moment, so it is now accessible by a link to a file storage site. Enjoy folks!