Sunday, 6 January 2019

Dune and Elsewhere

Here we go again folks: The first post of 2019 sees a new album's worth of recordings - this time based around use of the mighty VST synth, Dune. However, as the recordings developed and evolved, it wasn't long at all before lots of other sounds, samples and devices came along to join in the fun!


Thursday, 15 November 2018


It's that time again: another batch of releases from the ruined brain of Conny Plankton! This time round we got a whole bunch of recordings loosely collated together under the common theme of using the VST soft synth, Aethereal, to provide a series of drones, space noise, gliss effects and textures. It is a plug in well worth checking out - and free too - check out this here link!

And now, it's on with the show...

Friday, 5 October 2018

New Track from Dave Johnston!

Yes, a new track from Dave J - quite mellow and ambient in tis own way, but still manages to get to some of those darker parts of your head! Enjoy!

Sunday, 16 September 2018

The Beat of a Different Drummer

This time around, Conny Plankton has given you all a series of new recordings loosely based around the idea of working with banks of loops - largely beat and rhytm based, but it wasn't long at all before the warped Plankton brain went into overdrive and produced something that was definitely different and not yer bom-bom-bom heart attack beat.


Friday, 14 September 2018

The Fungi from Yuggoth: 2018 Remix

Yes, it must be completely insane - doing a big remix based on session from the Fungi from Yuggoth, a group of us jammin' away some 23 years ago, and recently rediscovered from some old digital video tapes. But here you go anyway, with multiple layers of loops, drones, reverse samples, drones and treated vocals - though I tried somehow to keep a flavour of what it was like in those sessions so long ago. The sample at the end is from Jak Sowerby himself, who spontaneously erupted into a chant at the end of one particular session!

Sunday, 5 August 2018

Emor Reven

Off goes the Plankton Brain, off into a hundred different simultaneous directions, searching for sound and images from all far reaches of the quaquaverse - and coming back with this. A multi tracked, mutli layered, multi blended video, of sublime and disquieting noise and imagery - guaranteed to take your head to a new extreme.

...and as an extra treat, here is a remix of Emor Reven: this time with video filtered through some Adobe After Effects head candy and the audio remixed with drums, bass, and general extra oddness!

This Modern World

A New Video from Conny Plankton: This time with no found footage from the 1960s or Victorian Photographs, and resplendent in Widescreen HD. 

The theme of This Modern World was based on editing together contrasting scenes of industry with the natural world. Overlays and subliminal edits abound. All topped up with a new audio piece based on psychotronic frequencies, loops and drones! 

Unfortunately, due to samples used from the Big Brother Cartel, this was struck off from you tube almost as soon as it was released. However, so as not to deprive the world of it, here is a link to my google drive where you can download it and check it out for yourself.

And as an extra goodie from the Plankton Brain: A remix of the video with extra layers on the video track, borrowing unashamedly from the effects used in the earlier video remix for Emor Reven. Just to take your brain that little bit further out there!! Strangely enough, no one has minded this one being up on youtube!

For Various Technical Reasons, this remix cuts short at around a three minute mark and had to be mixed together again from the original source files. So - here we are again with a fresh remix!