Saturday, 28 March 2020

Modular Minimal Springing Forth

March 2020 has been a very creative and productive time. What started out as a generic series of ideas and recordings very quickly split into distinct themes: One based on minimal explorations using a series of modular and semi modular devices, and one with  as series of more rhythmic sessions based around loops, beats, and recurring samples. 

So  this time round, you get double your money, with two lots of album's worth of recordings on two different themes coming out at the same time. 

To start us off, here is Modular Minimal:

Modular Minimal is a series of recordings based around interplay and interconnection with a series of modular and semi modular devices, being largely the Behringer Model D, the Behringer Neutron, the MFOS Noise Toaster and the MFOS Weird Sound Generator. Of course, as is often the case with the Conny Plankton brain, various other lops,samples and devices soon joined into the fray, evolving into this new series of atonal and ambient soundscapes you have before you. Enjoy!

Then, we have Spring Forth:
A New series of recordings based loosely around use of banks of loops, triggered through Ableton and mixed with selected other devices, such as VST synths, the Neutron and Model D synths by Behringer and the Kaossilator Plus. And a few more guest appearances as well. You may well notice some of the loops and samples also making further guest appearances on different tracks!

Saturday, 29 February 2020

Big D Too

Onward, ever onward, with a new series of recordings: Continue to work primarily with the Behringer Model D synth, but now alongside a range of other synths and devices - connections made through Midi Chains and various modular connections.

Here we go again:

Monday, 27 January 2020

Big D

Here we are with the first set of releases from 2020. What we have here is a series of recordings made with the Model D Synth from Behringer. It is a very tasty piece of kit which soon got on very well with a whole host of other synths, VSTs, devices, loops and samples. Enjoy!

Monday, 30 December 2019

KP Plus

Here we are with the final offering of 2019. It has been a busy a highly creative year, with hopefully a lot more to come.

This time round, we have a series of recordings, based around use of Kaossilator Pro Plus by Korg - a mighty little beast that allows looping and multi-tracking and the use of real time effects and modulation in its massive bank of instruments and beats.

So here we go folks.

All the best to everyone for the new year and I hope 2020 is good for all of us!

Thursday, 21 November 2019

November Calling

A new series of recordings, working with banks of edited samples and loops, triggered through Ableton Live with a Novation Launchpad to produce a series of live mixes. These were edited down and extra weirdness added to produce the wonder that is before you. Enjoy!

Monday, 28 October 2019

Enter the Sylenth

A new series of recordings - this time round, the loosely connecting theme is the use of the VST synth, Sylenth - but this was soon ably supported by numerous additional devices and banks upon banks of loops and samples!

Thursday, 17 October 2019

Conny Plankton on the Radio!

Hi folks:

Weirdest news of the moment is finding that there is a track by Conny Plankton is being played on BBC Radio 3 on October 18th as part of their Late Junction Show. Check it out here:

The track being played is Bulgaria, from the album Hive, which can be found here:

For those that missed the show, or would like a link for download, click on this link here:!Wyo0hCSB!Bf8rJvtgN_S4xxPJ2mgoKA

Many thanks to Prawnshocker for recording the show and editing everything down into individual tracks!

Check it out folks!